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QExec 1.2

by Gary Chanson

© 2007    All rights reserved.


QExec is a feature rich replacement for the standard Windows command prompt program CMD.exe.





Compatible with most batch scripts written for CMD.exe and COMMAND.com.

UNC Paths

All commands, including CD, fully support UNC path names.  Network file shares can be made the current directory without mapping them to drive letters.

Parameter Substitutions

In addition to the standard parameter substitutions (%0 through %9) and environment variable substitutions (%<var>%), QExec also supports substitution with Registry values and with the results of numerous functions (see the “Parameter Substitution” topic).

Rich Command Set

Many internal commands which, combined with the rich set of parameter substitutions, comprises a powerful programming language for automating Windows jobs.

Easy Directory Changes

Entering a directory path by itself as a command changes the current directory (trailing backslash required).  Passing a directory path as the command tail of QExec.exe will also set the current directory (trailing backslash not required).

File Name Completion and History Recall

Up and Down keys select the previous and next command line from the command history.  Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down select the previous and next matching command line and F12 displays a pick list of all matching command lines.

Tab and Shift-Tab select the next and previous matching file name and F11 displays a pick list of matching file names.

Saves And Restores Session States

Saves and restores the state of the command window between sessions.  This can include window position and size, text colors, current directory, and command history.


Updated: August 2, 2007

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