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Caliper 1.0

Tool for measuring the width or height of anything on the screen, useful in designing UI elements.  Measurements can be in pixels, inches, millimeters and centimeters, or dialog units.

KeyDemon 1.0

KeyDemon is a utility which runs in the background and manages hot keys.  KeyDemon can assign hot keys on a program by program basis and globally and can assign functions to any standard key with any combination of shift keys.

QChdir 1.01

Quick change of console current directory (similar to the classic NCD).

QExec 1.22

QExec is a feature rich replacement for the standard Windows command prompt program CMD.exe.

QMenu 1.4

QMenu is a Windows program which displays pop-up menus and executes the commands selected from them

QSet 1.0

Enhanced SET command with many features.

WindowDemon 1.0

Window Demon is a utility which runs in the background and automatically manages windows.  It can restore the size and position of windows.  It can minimize or hide windows.  It can press buttons in dialogs, run menu items in programs, and send key strokes to programs.  It can perform these functions manually or when a window is created, activated, focused, or destroyed or when its title is changed.

WinTools 1.01

A collection of Win32 utilities.  

Beta Releases


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